At AVID, international asset management means undertaking specific and often unique tasks using specialised knowledge, skills and experience. We believe this expertise is required to properly serve our institutional, professional and entrepreneurial clients who may have single or multi-jurisdictional assets.

“AVID offers a relationship-based service to institutional, professional and entrepreneurial clients who want objective advice and expert management capabilities”

Paul Maloney, Asset Manager

Our clients want a high calibre firm capable of acquiring, managing, enhancing and disposing of assets on their behalf. Our services are therefore comprehensive and clients typically use AVID for:


  • Identifying acquisition opportunities
  • Evaluating investment returns
  • Running the associated due diligence process
  • Managing all professional services including legal, valuations, tax and financing
  • Offering post-acquisition services
  • Investigating planning, title or compliance issues
  • Maximising occupancy levels and lease rates
  • Negotiating tenant leases and professional contract terms
  • Providing facilities management, health & safety and environmental compliance
  • Compiling market research and sales strategies
  • Preparing business plans and marketing collateral
  • Negotiating bid processes and sales contracts
  • Constructing tax efficient exit structures
  • Managing the legal and professional disposal process
  • Establishing best practice corporate governance
  • Advising on board restructuring and providing a “quasi” receivership role
  • Conducting independent business process reviews
  • Implementing robust financial systems, procedures, policies and controls
  • Project managing all capital expenditure
  • Providing cash management, budgeting, working capital, consolidation, audit and tax services